Dear Readers/Followers/Fans,
I Regret to inform you that i will be discountinuing my blogging on this account. I have decided to further pursue my career which will limit my time as a Blogger. I want to thank everyone who has been loyal to me and my blog. I Love You.

Donte J. Hampton


truthful shid.

"If You Pay Your past too much attention your future might think you want it back...then you lose"


cool kids.

i been looking for this video for the longest!
shoutout to Dj Don Cannon & WSHH.
The Cool Kids-Knocked Down


the day the earth stood still.

my hands are trembling on this key board.
you was my father when he couldnt step up.
words cant express how im feeling right now.
i cant do this.
i love you Arnold.

after the storm.

1966 Tornado Pictures, Images and Photos
I Get So Angry sometimes i dont realize how much damage i cause until the storm is over smh.
im tryin...
"I aint no perfect man, Im tryna do the best that i can...with what it is i have."- Mos Def.


man up.

I Love you more than myself.
I love you more life its self.
&& ima make sure you have everything.
Ima make sure you have everything I didn't growing up.
Ill never let you go.
&& ima treat everyday like your birthday.
&& ima be with you everyday.
Even when you get older, I will never leave your side.
&& ima teach you how to play Football, Basketball & Lacrosse.
Ima teach you how to be your own person.
Ima show you where I grew up.
Ima show you what school I went to.
&& we gonna take road trips...just me & you.
&& we gonna fall asleep underneath the stars.
&& your aunts & uncle are gonna love you just as much as I do.
&& grandma & pop pop are gonna give you the universe.
Your gonna be so smart.
&& we gonna disagree.
Somenights your gonna hate me.
I'm gonna yell and fuss.
&& ima feel bad and take you to get ice cream.
Ima teach you how to fight.
&& your friends are gonna envy our friendship.
Ima teach you how to drive.
&& ima teach you how to be man.
Ima show you how to do the right thing and take responsibility.
Ima show you how to treat a woman.
&& ima show you how to be sucessful.
&& Ima Be a Father.

I Love you son.
And when I decied to have you one day...Ima do everything on this list.