truthful shid.

"If You Pay Your past too much attention your future might think you want it back...then you lose"


cool kids.

i been looking for this video for the longest!
shoutout to Dj Don Cannon & WSHH.
The Cool Kids-Knocked Down


the day the earth stood still.

my hands are trembling on this key board.
you was my father when he couldnt step up.
words cant express how im feeling right now.
i cant do this.
i love you Arnold.

after the storm.

1966 Tornado Pictures, Images and Photos
I Get So Angry sometimes i dont realize how much damage i cause until the storm is over smh.
im tryin...
"I aint no perfect man, Im tryna do the best that i can...with what it is i have."- Mos Def.


man up.

I Love you more than myself.
I love you more life its self.
&& ima make sure you have everything.
Ima make sure you have everything I didn't growing up.
Ill never let you go.
&& ima treat everyday like your birthday.
&& ima be with you everyday.
Even when you get older, I will never leave your side.
&& ima teach you how to play Football, Basketball & Lacrosse.
Ima teach you how to be your own person.
Ima show you where I grew up.
Ima show you what school I went to.
&& we gonna take road trips...just me & you.
&& we gonna fall asleep underneath the stars.
&& your aunts & uncle are gonna love you just as much as I do.
&& grandma & pop pop are gonna give you the universe.
Your gonna be so smart.
&& we gonna disagree.
Somenights your gonna hate me.
I'm gonna yell and fuss.
&& ima feel bad and take you to get ice cream.
Ima teach you how to fight.
&& your friends are gonna envy our friendship.
Ima teach you how to drive.
&& ima teach you how to be man.
Ima show you how to do the right thing and take responsibility.
Ima show you how to treat a woman.
&& ima show you how to be sucessful.
&& Ima Be a Father.

I Love you son.
And when I decied to have you one day...Ima do everything on this list.



&& This record Goes HARD!
welcome back rhi.


Yall some Jerks.

Kriss Kross Pictures, Images and Photos
dipset Pictures, Images and Photos
New Boyz ;) Pictures, Images and Photos

If Kriss Kross can wear they clothes backwards and Cam'ron can wear pink Chinchilla Coats, Then Why are the New Boyz Catchin so much slack for wearing their skinny jeans???? I really dont understand. Wearing tight jeans doesnt make you any less of a man or human being. If i was these young niggas i would keep laughin in all my haters faces while stacking up. FCK YALL! Keep Doin yall thing. iSupport New Boyz.

Say Ahhh.

if you really sit down and listen to this song...
its nasty and funny as shid!
he is supposedly talkin about givin you some of his "Drink".
Shoutout To Tremaine and The Songbook Crew!

Elroy Jetson.

New Tattoo =)


Dear you,
It is 4:38 and I'm up blogging about yoou. Smh. This all came outta nowhere though! Lol. I told myself when I found a "woman" I would leave these "girls" alone.=). Your my inspiration. Your that extra push when I don't wanna get up for class or don't wanna go record that mixtape. Your words move like hands on my back after a long day. Your vibe is bananas. No more words from the heart...gotta leave something for you to dig for ^_^


Few Updates.

First Off let me apologize to everyone(anyone) who reads or follows for not posting in a while. I have been going through a lot(not negatively) and its just been consuming a lot of my time.also I broke my laptop for a second time so ill be blogging via Blackberry. N E ways. I FINALLY MOVED!!!! Aaaaahhhhh I'm official a philadelphian lol. North Philly WADDUP! I Stay on Broad and Venango(wink wink) lol but dead ass I live in the hood and its cool...ill never get bored lol. I do miss home though but as my apple say ill be just fine. She's so amazing but I'm not gonna go into detail about her cuz I know she's reading this HA! =P.I Really want to thank all my family,friends and supporters for there love and support! I Love Yall, Especially You.

Donte' J. Hampton
The AiPH
Lol ^_^



So Me And My Father Have A daily conversation about wealthy people. I tell him all the time about how much money these rappers and hip hop artists have and he quickly shuts me up with how wealthy these doctors,lawyers, and kings from over seas are. This By Far Takes The Cake.
What You See Below You Is WHITE GOLD...I REPEAT WHITE GOLD Benz that a Shiek in Saudia Arabia Owns.
So To all Yooh Niggas "Gettin Money" STEP YOUR GAME UP!
Price Tag:$50 Million

Fw: BENZ BUILT IN WHITE GOLD Pictures, Images and Photos



after he shut him up he soluted him.
Viva Venezuela

the future.

the future of this rap shid.
know that.


best vid ever.

Drizzy Kills It.


Last Name:Ever First Name: Greatest

i been waitin on this shid!!!!
(sorry im excited)



but trash.

only god can judge me.

no i am not a muslim
but i am a student of allah.
lets see how many followers i lose.
everyone is so quick to judge yet reluctant to ask.
Allah Means "God" in Arabic.
meaning i pray to the same god as you.
god is god no matter what language you speak.
i am the same as you(to a certain degree)
i would never force my believes on to anyone. as i learned the first day i attended mosque "if you dont believe what is being told to you get up and go find the answer yourself...god will never hold you at fault for wanting to learn about him."
my future companion will practice what she believes is fit for her to practice(christianity,buddism,judism what ever floats her boat) and i as a man of god will love her the same.
With that said will you change or love me the same?
only time will tell.
"Pray for me my brother as i have prayed for the world."
The Super Mosque At Mecca.
When I Make It Here My Journey Will Be Complete.
Praise Be To Allah.

Yuuup x Lip Service

"im the motherfuckin man!"



they say its good for yooh.
i got a spoonful.
but i want the whole jar.
applesauce Pictures, Images and Photos

everyday a star is born.

"clap for him"



it can NEVER be bought.
it takes a penis to be a Dad.
It takes a Man to be a Father.
Thank You For Teaching me The Basics.
I Love You Lloyd.
"Fourever Fourty Four"
(Me #44 Senior Year Defensive Captain and 2006 Defensive MVP =).)

Diddy x Dirty Money x Angels

i really fell in love with this song.
and the video enhances it.
"We Ignored The Angels Call...They Were Warnings After All..."



did i mention how much i love my Team?
In Case I havent told you or your just dead on the baltimore nitelife scene...I Am The CEO/Founder of Dream Team Dj's which was Founded back in early 2008. We have been very successful in the past year and a half and i would like to take this time out to thank my team for all there hard work and patience. BIG BIG BIG shout out to Dj Pierre for winning Baltimores Best Club Dj. I dont talk much about Dj Gee bcuz what he's doin what i already expected from him but def. shout out to my right hand man Dj gee for all of his great accomplishments. You Deserve it mah nig. Shout out to Dj M-eazy who is right on Dj Gee Heels lol. My Nigga Came a long way and can compete with damn near any dj in baltimore. Shout out to my young boy Dj Lil Matic who also came a very long way from a producer to actual dj. he just turned 18 btw. Big Ups to Dj Tigga & Dj Lil Man(some of the first members) out there on they grind. also Dj Jae Holdin down the whole anne arundel county and he's still in high school! Last But Not least shout out to my most loyal dj...Dj Lady London. She Has come the longest way of them all! i have never seen a female so passionate about what they do. she will slap the shit outta anybody who speaks bad about dream team lol. *cough*she needs to get her confidence together *cough* lol but all in all she will be fine in the long run. Love you yazz!!! this ones for you since you say we never include ya punk ass in nuffin lol. STAY FOCUSED TEAM!

throwback of the month.

Me in like '96?
(via myspace.com/countyallstar)

im sorry but i found someone esle.

dont get me wrong...i love you but...
i found someone new.
we killed the spring and summer.
remeber i bought you them new shoes and i took you downtown and all them girls was on em? lmao.
yea we was the shid.
but we gotta go our seperate ways.
im sorry.
I Love You.


skinny jeans.

This is a touchy subject with me.
bcuz my jeans arent OD like the New Boyz BUT my jeans are considered "skinny jeans". i hate when niggas say..."skinny jeans is for homos". Like wtf? you cant wear Samos sets forever dude!(all my baltimore readers waddup lol) but yea. So watch what you say cuz i might swing on your ass lol.
(btw i was at work on my day off in this pic Smh...i work 2 much)


Hop in and go.

I dont know where im headed but i know where i been.
now all i need is someone to fill this void in the passenger seat...
could it be yooh =)

Stepped His Game Up Award

Goes To: Soulja Boy
This Dude really has stepped his bars up! like him or not the kid be rocking.
Latest Mixtape: My Way of Life
SOULJA BOY Pictures, Images and Photos


Flyer Than The Rest of Them....

I wonder if i can get away with wearin these this winter?
we'll see....
stay tuned.


My Place of Peace.

This is the time when all my problems go away.
When nothing else matters but me.
I Fckn love it.
sunset Pictures, Images and Photos



My Heart Goes Out To All The Families who lost someone on this day.
TOWERS Pictures, Images and Photos

Call Me What You Want.

I been Getting Alot of *cough* HATE *cough* because i wear coach shoes and accessories. All Im going to say is call me what you want. The only reason yall think its gay is bcuz you cant afford it.


The Hottest Chick in The Game.

Let It Be Known...
She is Thee BADDEST!
Enuff Said.

Just A Dream or Are You Tryna Tell Me something?

I climb in the bed and close my eyes after a long day of work.She climbs in w/ me but i dont hear her get in.I turn around to look at her but cant see her facial features... jus the shadow of her. she rubs my back and ask me how my day was. i whisper to this familar stanger as if ive known her all my life. she kisses me goodnite and hugs me throughout my sleep but when i wake up she is gone. I Cant Wait til she gets home....whoever she is....



"...Im That Close."

Okay so today my pops wakes me up and tells me we meeting with one of his friends in DC at the BET Studios. I was Stoked! So I met the lady and we talked for a min. and she seemed really cool.She told me when I get to the school to give her a call and she was gonna get me a intership at BET! LIKE WTF?!(Please excuse me I'm just really amped right now) lol. But all in all today was a awesome day and I just had to blog about it. P.S. I Heard Jay-Z's BP3 was wack????? Wth???? Ill be the judge of that....



Jermaine Dupri's SoSo Dope Tribute to MJ.

This Is Hands Down the best tribute to MJ.
And This Nigga really can mix!
that flatout suprised me.
Shoutout to all the Dj's Worldwide.
Big Big Ups to:
Dream Team Dj's(My Company =))
Fly Dj's
Street Jocks
and everybody else doing there thing.


Amber Rose-Hampton

I Am So in Love With Her Bald Headed Ass.
Like On Some Helga Building A Shrine Of Arnold in Her Closet Type Shid. What White Girl You Know Can be bald as shid and still is bad as ever?
and shes so raunchy <3


I Be Slackin I Be Slackin

My Bad Yall i really be slackin huh?
I Apologize.
Tryna Get This School stuff together and all types of crazy ish...but ima get it right.
ima get it right
just sit tight.
everything will be cool by the end of the night.
lol (just swagged on yall real fast =).)


Jay z x Rihanna x Kanye West-Run This Town


Sneaker Pimps Part 2

P.s. the dude in the jacket is phil ade' and he RIPPED IT!

DTLR x Sneaker Pimps x Wale x Clipse

Finally my b**** ass camera decides it wants to connect. So here yall go pics from this years smeaker pimps in DC. Wale Kilt it!!! Clipse =/.



I have the oppertunity to seize greatness. I WILL NOT LOSE. I talked to a representative frome The Art Institute of Phila. I will be making a visit on the 4th of August To Tour The School and Housing development where i (hopefully) will be residing. Its Time to take my career to the next level. I want this soooo bad yall dont understand. I really need your support. How? Just Be there for me.
I Love Yooh(no homo)

"Pray For Me As I Have Prayed For The World"

OMFG To The 100th Degree!!!!

Okay so ima be called all types of dirty nasty triflin whatever....but i HAVE to share this with the world. This Broad Deep Throated ALLLLLLL 18 inches of this dildo. W T F!!!!!! Just Watch.(Ladies Im Sorry)


Amber Rose x Lip Service x SHADE 45

Okay so anybody who knows me knows i am a huge fan of lip service on Shade 45 Radio. Lip Service Is like a no holds barred,raw, uncut radio show where celebrities are invited on and interviewed about some of there most secret and private sexual encounters. Here's My Future Wife, Amber Rose. Enjoy.(p.s. this is prior to her dating kanye. Once again this is BEFORE she dated kanye west)


On Repeat

Wale - Pretty Girls

Live From The Slums Of Soho.

I'm really disappointed that charles hamilton hasn't blogged in months but hey I can't knock the guy..he on his grizzy.But newayz I think this blog will be my shout out session.Hmmmm where do I begin? First Off Big shout outs to Carol-Aubree Over at frankievirgin.blogspot.com for swindlein me in to get back on my blogger ish.Thnx Hun.lol. Shout Outs to K-Money she Got Sol and she doin numbers 18+ lmao. Shout outs to my team Dream Team Dj's,Dj Gee,Dj M-eazy,Dj Tigga,Dj Jae,Dj Don Juan,Dj Lady London,Dj Lil Man,Dj Lil Mic. Big Ups To Streets Jocks & Fly Dj's. Shout outs To Buck Jones,Media Minds,Rome,Devo Da Promoter,Dj 695,DSE,POM,TOE,Tipstar,Nite Life,Zeno Cortez,To Da Lute,Young Teeza,Maxx,AFG,Ron G,Skateland Orchard,Kelson of 92Q, My Manager SB,Frank The Dancing Photographer,Dj Infame,Bowtie Boyz Auto Club,BE-Z Clothing Company,Baltimores Finest Auto Club,Friends With Money, ummmmmm anybody I forgot pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee for give me. Let me know I forgot you and I got you in the next blog. Oh yea...next blog I will recap and post pics from sneaker pimps!!!!! Stay Tuned.
I love Yall!!!(No homo)



"The Blogger From Harlem is A Problem"

I'm Not From Harlem NYC
Harlem Park Baltimore.
Shout to charles hamilton.
So where do I begin???
Had mad fun yesterday with my brovas. Went to this carnival out east bubble fuck maryland. Lmao. Its always good to get outta baltimore though. I have a interview today with Kyle pompey over at SwagLife Magazine.I'm dumb stoopid crazy excited lol. Like 8 years old on xmas eve excited. And I officially Have a personal assistant. Can Yooh Wife Your Personal assistant?lmmfao. real 3rd gradish nd shid. Everytime gee see me on the phone he like "what yooh bloggin yo?" Lmao I'm getting back in the loop he gonna have to fall back. All baltimore residents reading you can catch me hosting at skate works in like 2 weeks for my homegirl Ciaras birthday bash. Everybody come out and show love and support. WOOOOW the cutest little girl just came up to me and started talking. Lol she's like"why don't yooh skate yooh always jus stand there.. Can yooh skate with me?" Lmmfao.My how times have changed. I Would have NEVER been that bold at 6 lmao.
As the world turns...

Gimme five
On the black hand side




Let's see who really reads my blogs...Let's see who uses their resources. Okay So if your my friend on facebook or follow me on twitter you will notice that I say " I'm not a bitter I'm a writter for myself and others" well thatsa because I really am lmmfao.Don't believe me? I have written for several local artists (who shall remain nameless) but umm yea. I kinda do it all.=) lmao But in all honesty I been written for about 3 months now.I don't write your typical Trap shid like everyone raps now and days.I Just Write what's on my mind and what's real...shid that ppl can relate to...dig me??? Lol So by now I know yooh thinkin "well if yooh write den I wanna see something." Lmao hmmmmmmmmmmm should I bless yall??? Okay here yooh go(and if I see or hear my shid on myspace wid out my permission ima air yo ass OUT!)

" She stressin out and I jus wanna be her advil...its hurtin seein her down,I gotta play the situation mad chill...like a nigga aint heart sick feelin mad ill
Long nites got me thinkin for hours hurricane mind I brainstorm showers"

(I Laugh to substitute for my embarressment and selfconsciousness)

I might go a lil harder on the next blog...or not.

Back Holla

Teddy Roosevelt
(My alter ego blessed by her lmao)


Its Been a Long Time...

Ishouldnt have left yooh...
Without a dope blog to vibe to.
I'm spazzin.
Whaddup Blogger Nation???
I Been on my best bullshid lately(baltimore heads know what I'm talkin about) which is why I aint really been bloggin like that. Which is why I express my deepest apologizies.I have a lot of good shid to tell yall...but ima save that for later entries :) hahahahah
Stay Tuned

"Okay I'm back up on my grind...you just do you and goin do mine."


To Whom Do I Accredit My Succes

To All Who Tryed To Cause Failure.
Thnk You.

2015...Dead Ass


See You In My Nightmares....(unmailed letters to you)

I highly doubt your reading this.
but just in case...
i hate what you turned me into.
i am more than man enough to admit my stakes and own up to my faults but you did this to me.
i gave you a inch and you took fucking miles.
you destroyed me.
i thank you.
yes...i thank you.
see when you tricked me into staying here in baltimore instead of going to california to work with chris robinson bcuz you said you were pregant and really wasnt...yea...you didnt end my chances to be where i wanted to be...because im killin em right here....im still travelin...im still meeting CEOs. Joke is On you.
thoughts of you bring out so much uncontrolable anger and emotion.
i lovED you.
and you played for a fucking dummy.
spending my money...using me....while in the meanwhile you was fucking him.
yea i know about all that.
thought i was stupid?
excuse me while i go throw up.


"im jus vibin"


Currently Vibin' To:Drake-Successful.
yo my head is so far gone.....drizzy
nah dead ass.
i jus dont know what to think no more.
yooh know how yooh look up in the sky on a gloomy day and then the sun peeks around the corner of a cloud to give yooh hope....then it covers right back up?......yea...story of mah life.
maybe dats why im feeling some kinda way right now???????????????
R-Les is Like A Older Drake on some grown nd sexy shid.(No Homo)
aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd he does most of his own beats.
pure talent.
idk what ima do with myself.
time for Va Ca
care to join??????
"i light a candle for you tonite bby"


Can't Run Forever.


sooooooo much on the right side of my brain.
Past Relationships.

I decided that i refuse to settle for less.
why should i??
im top shelf bby.
yooh watered down vodka.
I Blacked.
Someone Very Important(shall remain nameless) asked me....
"What Is The Defintion of A Bad Bitch?"
The Mind Wonders.
Forever 21's Spring Collection DOESNT make you a bad bitch.
Wearing your Flea Market Betsy Johnson Bag in the crease of your arm DOESNT make you a bad bitch.
Rocking Dry Ass $40 Remy(Tracks)(aaaaand i know what it looks like) DOESNT make You a Bad Bitch.
So What Is A Bad Bitch?
It cant be put into words.
Real Bad Bitches Know This.
Its A Lifestyle...A Swagger.....that cant be seen with the common eye.
The Equivalant to A Dude Being Fly.
im not even gonna start on these male posers.
Message To All Bad Bitches In The World: I Love Yooh.
lls .
I Know You Laughin but...
Tell Me I'm Lying???????
Still In Search Of....



I Need A Refill....

Sunset Dubna Pictures, Images and Photos

Screams Vacation.
much needed,
commin with?
Back Holla
D. Hampton


endless nites.

charles hamilton Pictures, Images and Photos
another sleepless nite.
aint hit the blogspot in a min.
a sweet and sour blend of bein dumb busy and dumb stressed.
can yooh help me relax????
intellectual conversations wit city niggas,
the funniest ever...yet so real.
dnt mind me in just vibin rite now.
laptop,ipod,candle,window cracked,listin to Hamilton-Lip Service
this is the eqivalant to the hood nigga in his basement rolling up and getting higher than the fuckin stars.
chhhhiiillll i blacked.
i should be sleep right now.
i should be in virginia tommorow.
doubt it.
btw in still In Search Of.....
D. Hampton.


In Search Of...

Lauren London Pictures, Images and Photos

can i take yooh with me?
can yooh come and get me?
where we goin?
we goin to this place called stardom.
if we leave now ..
we can be there by autum
can we leave now?
'fore everybody else try be down.
'fore it's crowded
and somebody catch a beatdown.
'fore my ex girlfriend try to rebound.

Guess yooh can tell by now what im gettin at in this blog rite?
The Search For "Her" Continues.
Laruen Playin games.
lauren ily bby.

Will Yooh Be At My Party Tonite.
Ralph J. Young Rec. Center.
Come Get Me.

Til Then Back Holla.
D. Hampton
i dont never get to see her


Destined For Greatness

charles hamilton Pictures, Images and Photos
The Hardest OUT!!!
I dare a nigga deny it.

(Wale Voice)
Wale Waddup
Drake Waddup
Cudi Waddup
Asher Waddup
Yeezy Waddup

okay so im up like dumbass wild ass late tryna take this online class so my license wont be suspended. And my ipod str8 bitches me.
str8 shut thee fuck off on me.

Random Fact:
I think about nasty things 45% of the time out of the day.
so what?!?!
sue me.
I had to get that off(get off lmao) bcuz she str8 tried to make a nigga feel bad or perverted or sumthing.
If you dont think about sex at least 2 times out of the day...
A)You are a Nun.
B)You Just Aint Normal

On That Note I am Going To Head to sleep and dream About Hittin Lauren London From The Back.
Dont Like What I just said???
Sue Me.

Holla Front


A Day Of Firsts...

Big Announcement....
I Cut My Hair!
whadever it was overdue
i had fuckin cornrows since the 7th grade my nigga...i had to cut it.
but fuck all that silly shid...I met Raheem Devaughn Today.
Real Down To Earth type dude on the real.
Those of you who know me well know that my mentor and one of my Managers is Dj Lil Mic who is Jazmine Sullivan and Rahhem Devaughn's Tour Dj. So Yea niggas was kickin it in Mic's Crib and Rah Came through.
2 Week's Ago i was kickin it wid DC's Tabi Bonney (Put Me in The Pocket)&& David Corey.
So Yea shids going well for me.
Makin Power Moves My nigga.
All My ppls in Virginia holla at me i will be in town this friday with Dj Lil Mic and the Ladies if MAC in Macy's prior to my Party.

Back Holla
D. Hampton


I'll Alwayz Come Back To You...

The Isley Brothers-Voyage to Atlantis
old as fuck but str8 crack my nigga.
I aint Blogged in a HOT ass second.
First Order of Buisness:
The P.M.E. Party Was off the fuckin meters!!!!!!!!!!!
big ups to everyone who came out.
its was alot of things said at that party...
if you was there you know.
i said what i said simply bcuz a individual(who shall remain nameless) disrespected my manz on some he stole some epquipment type shid but wasnt man enough to even approach him to ask if knew anything. we had to hear through the grape vine. FUCK TYPE SHID IS THAT MY NIGGA?!?!
come on yo keep it funky. Thats My only quarrel. Everybody else i fucks with on the real Reggie waddup,Pbj Waddup,Ty Waddup,Purp Waddup,Sid Waddup.
And to all the little Promoter Kids....its bigger than you...shut the fuck up....you not making no money promoting.
big ups to the O so sexy miss frankie or aubree
whoever she is this week
shame shes wifed.
im done.
gettin on the celluar

Back Holla




I have offcially come to the conclusion that noone reads my blog.
And if they do its on some silent assasin type shid. Its cool though. I don't do this for the masses. Strictly personal enjoyment and stress relief.
Bought the Nike Blazer High Stussy x Neighborhood Boneyards today.
Dumb ass happy if yooh could already tell jus by me spelling out the name of the shoe in its entirety.
Had fun in d.c. Today.
Can't wait to do it again tommorow
Next monday:Cleveland,Ohio

Back holla
T. Styles


Thank You.

I want to personally thank everyone that came out tonite. I really appreciate the Love & Support as I make my venture into the world as a young buisness man. If I came of kind of disturbed or mad or blowin you off I deeply and sincerly apologize. There where a lot of behind the scenes circumstances and issues that bothered me. But I still smile because I know that 1. Humans will be humans and alwayz base there decisions and actions off there animal instincts 2. I'm a unextinguishable flame I WILL ALWAYS SHINE. Once again thank everyone from the bottom of my heart,real talk..I love yall.


praise be to allah

yo dead ass i just had to get on my hands and knees and thank allah. i have been extremy blessed and presented aloooooot of oppertunities. now its just up to me to cash in on them.if yooh havent heard by now Dream Team Dj's(my company =)) is offically sponsered by DTLR also known as Downtown Locker Room.


big ups to my whole team and staff for workin hard. luv yooh hear.
my head is so fqd up rite now i can hardly put it in to words and i think ill wait to even try.

so on that note...
Back holla

Tay Styles


tired aint the word..

yo i am soooooo tired its f'in ridiculous. yo i aint been on dis bish in a min. to everytbody reading i been dead ass busy. da shid is finally catching up 2 me and it f in sucks!!! all my college students reading this i am hosting a biiiiiiiig ass college skate party at the end of the month. be there or be mad when ppl tell yooh how da shid was the greatest skate party ever!!!! Morgan waddup Coppin Waddup all dem B's & C's waddup lls
ared its like 3 in da morning im outtie im dumb tired.
plus im on the phone.

Back holla



Happy Bday 2 me!!!!!

I feel freakin awesome today son.
Big ups to everybody dat showed love yo like real talk....even though 10% of the niggas dat hit me up is swine. I am blackin out though. I'm on chills....right now I am downtown at robert olivers at this Flywire® Magazine Young CEO's social dinner and dis swine ass nigga jus told me take my hat off after he walked past me 6 times in a hour. Wtf??? Dats dat bitchassness I be talkin bout but I trippin though. Even though he disrupted my blog. Lls. Im gettin ready to diddy bop and go to ohio nd shid wit Dj Lil Mic(My Mentor) and Sean(My Manager). I'm outtie ppls.

O yea thanks 2 all who read.
Love yooh hear
(Its a Baltimore thing yooh wouldn't understand)

Back Holla



I can blog from my cellular device?
New Crack.
But dead ass I have this like empty feeling rite now. Idk y. Shid is banannas...somethings missing.
Is burning all your bridges a good thing? Like a lot of yall frown upon it. But if yooh claim yooh live life with no regrets why look back? Why should that old bride still exist? Its like a contradiction. Diggy my niggy? females are infamous for dat shid. They let their past effect their future. And den wonder why Mr. Perfect falls back . Its because yooh talk about your F***ing EX to much. They not tryna hear dat. Males are naturally jealous neway so anything pertaining to another males is going to trigger emotion. How do I know all of this? I have a penis but I think wit my brain. 90% of males think with their penis FIRST.I figured this would be food for my emptiness @ 1:37 am but I guess not =(.

Million Dollar Question : Why Do Humans Cheat?

Back Holla



jus got off the buck jones show.
had a blast.
i was on some silly shid.
niggas is crazy.
i hope i dont neva get got cuz dem prank calls was gettin real
the title says chill for a reason
im chillin today and im not really gonna go in like i usually do

she said she had a donk.
i cried laughin.
they dont get any cooler den her.
she wants to slap somebody so bad.
park heights waddup?


Purple Gorillas? WTF yooh smokin???

why the name purple gorillas?

Purple=My fav. color
i dare somebody say dats homo.
fck yall.

Gorillas= Baltimore is a concrete Jungle...
i consider myself a gorilla in this city
king of the jungle.


Back Holla


Nothing Is Ever What It Really Seems

So I'm tryin out this whole blog thing.


I like expression myself nd all dat silly shid. N E Wayz. Yooh remember when yooh where a kid and it was like everything jus made perfect sense. Now your older erything is all complicated nd shid. For Instance, Females. When yooh was a lil nigga...all yooh had to do was give a chick a f*ckin corny ass Power Rangers Valentines day card and tell her that her freaky Ree's was nice and yooh was GURANTEED to get a kiss under da slide. Like yooh would be happy as shid yooh got to peck dem lil lips nd shid lls. NOW....yooh gotta be obamas f*ckin personal bodyguard to get DECENT lookin chicks number.and be lucky if they answer when yooh call. Like wtf?? And most chicks holla out "I want a dude dat somethin going for themselves." Okay all dat is fine but there's a difference between that and gold diggin. Dig me? Lls.

And its like A lot of these chicks out here have a hard time establishing there role. I'm not saying dat on no slavery days "the man works and the woman stays home and cook dinner type shid" I mean it like ladys play your position. Like Myself for example...I Work(literally everyday) and I'm training to be a Baltimore City EMT annnnnd ima Party Host.aaaaaaannnnndddd im a up and comming Dj.. It would be very hard for a chick to understand how hard it is for me to do what I do and still keep her around...right? Like females minds WONDER somethin serious when they have to much time to themselves.lls dead ass.on some"he prolly doin this that and da third type shid." Ima good boy though.she knows that(I aint namein no names so don't ask.right now life is good.dead ass.buisness isn't quite boomin but its gettin there.21st b day in 10 days.don't come out side bcuz I will be in rare form. Lmao. Ared I'm talkin to much.

Holla back


P.S. If yooh didn't get the text or memo I shall no longer be known as "Tay Songz" like it was kinda corny and I felt like I was kinda swagger jackin offa trey...so dats dead...instead I shall now be reffered to as "Tay Styles" simply cuz ....uh I be stylin. LMFAO



Creative Recreation

"I alwayz gave a damn but I aint neva gave a f*ck"


I believe my self to be to closed in my own shell.Like if yooh met me my idgaf attitude would be the lasting impression yooh get but yooh would have to meet me first. Dig me? I believe this lifestyle helps me from gettin burnt,not on no like dirty bitch on baltimore street burnt type shid,like on some puttin to much trust and gettin fucked over and all dat silly shid type burnt. Dig me?Anywayz this past month I kinda switched my whole like genre of music. I used to be like str8 gucci and oj da juice shoot em up bang bang kill ya moms in broad daylight on north ave. Type shid. Lls but as of right now my fav artist is charles hamilton hands down. Now today is 2.26.09. A month from now I don't wanna see all this dickridin cuz I tried to tell yooh niggas dis kid is a problem.

As it stands right now it looks like ill be doin this whole blogger thing more often.I'm shooting for everyday but we'll see.Look for my own blogspot commin soon.I been readin a lot of other niggas shid.I'm a big supporter of other niggas shid.So on that note shoutz out to the folks over at billions of currency...mikey billions....zeno cortez and that whole movement dey got goin on over there. As well as chan.b and the pks movement.Iight I talked way to f*ckin much but whatever. Somebodys lovin dis shid.Lls

Holla back

*******D. Hampton ********