Thank You.

I want to personally thank everyone that came out tonite. I really appreciate the Love & Support as I make my venture into the world as a young buisness man. If I came of kind of disturbed or mad or blowin you off I deeply and sincerly apologize. There where a lot of behind the scenes circumstances and issues that bothered me. But I still smile because I know that 1. Humans will be humans and alwayz base there decisions and actions off there animal instincts 2. I'm a unextinguishable flame I WILL ALWAYS SHINE. Once again thank everyone from the bottom of my heart,real talk..I love yall.


praise be to allah

yo dead ass i just had to get on my hands and knees and thank allah. i have been extremy blessed and presented aloooooot of oppertunities. now its just up to me to cash in on them.if yooh havent heard by now Dream Team Dj's(my company =)) is offically sponsered by DTLR also known as Downtown Locker Room.


big ups to my whole team and staff for workin hard. luv yooh hear.
my head is so fqd up rite now i can hardly put it in to words and i think ill wait to even try.

so on that note...
Back holla

Tay Styles


tired aint the word..

yo i am soooooo tired its f'in ridiculous. yo i aint been on dis bish in a min. to everytbody reading i been dead ass busy. da shid is finally catching up 2 me and it f in sucks!!! all my college students reading this i am hosting a biiiiiiiig ass college skate party at the end of the month. be there or be mad when ppl tell yooh how da shid was the greatest skate party ever!!!! Morgan waddup Coppin Waddup all dem B's & C's waddup lls
ared its like 3 in da morning im outtie im dumb tired.
plus im on the phone.

Back holla



Happy Bday 2 me!!!!!

I feel freakin awesome today son.
Big ups to everybody dat showed love yo like real talk....even though 10% of the niggas dat hit me up is swine. I am blackin out though. I'm on chills....right now I am downtown at robert olivers at this Flywire® Magazine Young CEO's social dinner and dis swine ass nigga jus told me take my hat off after he walked past me 6 times in a hour. Wtf??? Dats dat bitchassness I be talkin bout but I trippin though. Even though he disrupted my blog. Lls. Im gettin ready to diddy bop and go to ohio nd shid wit Dj Lil Mic(My Mentor) and Sean(My Manager). I'm outtie ppls.

O yea thanks 2 all who read.
Love yooh hear
(Its a Baltimore thing yooh wouldn't understand)

Back Holla



I can blog from my cellular device?
New Crack.
But dead ass I have this like empty feeling rite now. Idk y. Shid is banannas...somethings missing.
Is burning all your bridges a good thing? Like a lot of yall frown upon it. But if yooh claim yooh live life with no regrets why look back? Why should that old bride still exist? Its like a contradiction. Diggy my niggy? females are infamous for dat shid. They let their past effect their future. And den wonder why Mr. Perfect falls back . Its because yooh talk about your F***ing EX to much. They not tryna hear dat. Males are naturally jealous neway so anything pertaining to another males is going to trigger emotion. How do I know all of this? I have a penis but I think wit my brain. 90% of males think with their penis FIRST.I figured this would be food for my emptiness @ 1:37 am but I guess not =(.

Million Dollar Question : Why Do Humans Cheat?

Back Holla



jus got off the buck jones show.
had a blast.
i was on some silly shid.
niggas is crazy.
i hope i dont neva get got cuz dem prank calls was gettin real
the title says chill for a reason
im chillin today and im not really gonna go in like i usually do

she said she had a donk.
i cried laughin.
they dont get any cooler den her.
she wants to slap somebody so bad.
park heights waddup?


Purple Gorillas? WTF yooh smokin???

why the name purple gorillas?

Purple=My fav. color
i dare somebody say dats homo.
fck yall.

Gorillas= Baltimore is a concrete Jungle...
i consider myself a gorilla in this city
king of the jungle.


Back Holla


Nothing Is Ever What It Really Seems

So I'm tryin out this whole blog thing.


I like expression myself nd all dat silly shid. N E Wayz. Yooh remember when yooh where a kid and it was like everything jus made perfect sense. Now your older erything is all complicated nd shid. For Instance, Females. When yooh was a lil nigga...all yooh had to do was give a chick a f*ckin corny ass Power Rangers Valentines day card and tell her that her freaky Ree's was nice and yooh was GURANTEED to get a kiss under da slide. Like yooh would be happy as shid yooh got to peck dem lil lips nd shid lls. NOW....yooh gotta be obamas f*ckin personal bodyguard to get DECENT lookin chicks number.and be lucky if they answer when yooh call. Like wtf?? And most chicks holla out "I want a dude dat somethin going for themselves." Okay all dat is fine but there's a difference between that and gold diggin. Dig me? Lls.

And its like A lot of these chicks out here have a hard time establishing there role. I'm not saying dat on no slavery days "the man works and the woman stays home and cook dinner type shid" I mean it like ladys play your position. Like Myself for example...I Work(literally everyday) and I'm training to be a Baltimore City EMT annnnnd ima Party Host.aaaaaaannnnndddd im a up and comming Dj.. It would be very hard for a chick to understand how hard it is for me to do what I do and still keep her around...right? Like females minds WONDER somethin serious when they have to much time to themselves.lls dead ass.on some"he prolly doin this that and da third type shid." Ima good boy though.she knows that(I aint namein no names so don't ask.right now life is good.dead ass.buisness isn't quite boomin but its gettin there.21st b day in 10 days.don't come out side bcuz I will be in rare form. Lmao. Ared I'm talkin to much.

Holla back


P.S. If yooh didn't get the text or memo I shall no longer be known as "Tay Songz" like it was kinda corny and I felt like I was kinda swagger jackin offa trey...so dats dead...instead I shall now be reffered to as "Tay Styles" simply cuz ....uh I be stylin. LMFAO



Creative Recreation

"I alwayz gave a damn but I aint neva gave a f*ck"


I believe my self to be to closed in my own shell.Like if yooh met me my idgaf attitude would be the lasting impression yooh get but yooh would have to meet me first. Dig me? I believe this lifestyle helps me from gettin burnt,not on no like dirty bitch on baltimore street burnt type shid,like on some puttin to much trust and gettin fucked over and all dat silly shid type burnt. Dig me?Anywayz this past month I kinda switched my whole like genre of music. I used to be like str8 gucci and oj da juice shoot em up bang bang kill ya moms in broad daylight on north ave. Type shid. Lls but as of right now my fav artist is charles hamilton hands down. Now today is 2.26.09. A month from now I don't wanna see all this dickridin cuz I tried to tell yooh niggas dis kid is a problem.

As it stands right now it looks like ill be doin this whole blogger thing more often.I'm shooting for everyday but we'll see.Look for my own blogspot commin soon.I been readin a lot of other niggas shid.I'm a big supporter of other niggas shid.So on that note shoutz out to the folks over at billions of currency...mikey billions....zeno cortez and that whole movement dey got goin on over there. As well as chan.b and the pks movement.Iight I talked way to f*ckin much but whatever. Somebodys lovin dis shid.Lls

Holla back

*******D. Hampton ********