Happy Bday 2 me!!!!!

I feel freakin awesome today son.
Big ups to everybody dat showed love yo like real talk....even though 10% of the niggas dat hit me up is swine. I am blackin out though. I'm on chills....right now I am downtown at robert olivers at this Flywire® Magazine Young CEO's social dinner and dis swine ass nigga jus told me take my hat off after he walked past me 6 times in a hour. Wtf??? Dats dat bitchassness I be talkin bout but I trippin though. Even though he disrupted my blog. Lls. Im gettin ready to diddy bop and go to ohio nd shid wit Dj Lil Mic(My Mentor) and Sean(My Manager). I'm outtie ppls.

O yea thanks 2 all who read.
Love yooh hear
(Its a Baltimore thing yooh wouldn't understand)

Back Holla

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