Nothing Is Ever What It Really Seems

So I'm tryin out this whole blog thing.


I like expression myself nd all dat silly shid. N E Wayz. Yooh remember when yooh where a kid and it was like everything jus made perfect sense. Now your older erything is all complicated nd shid. For Instance, Females. When yooh was a lil nigga...all yooh had to do was give a chick a f*ckin corny ass Power Rangers Valentines day card and tell her that her freaky Ree's was nice and yooh was GURANTEED to get a kiss under da slide. Like yooh would be happy as shid yooh got to peck dem lil lips nd shid lls. NOW....yooh gotta be obamas f*ckin personal bodyguard to get DECENT lookin chicks number.and be lucky if they answer when yooh call. Like wtf?? And most chicks holla out "I want a dude dat somethin going for themselves." Okay all dat is fine but there's a difference between that and gold diggin. Dig me? Lls.

And its like A lot of these chicks out here have a hard time establishing there role. I'm not saying dat on no slavery days "the man works and the woman stays home and cook dinner type shid" I mean it like ladys play your position. Like Myself for example...I Work(literally everyday) and I'm training to be a Baltimore City EMT annnnnd ima Party Host.aaaaaaannnnndddd im a up and comming Dj.. It would be very hard for a chick to understand how hard it is for me to do what I do and still keep her around...right? Like females minds WONDER somethin serious when they have to much time to themselves.lls dead ass.on some"he prolly doin this that and da third type shid." Ima good boy though.she knows that(I aint namein no names so don't ask.right now life is good.dead ass.buisness isn't quite boomin but its gettin there.21st b day in 10 days.don't come out side bcuz I will be in rare form. Lmao. Ared I'm talkin to much.

Holla back


P.S. If yooh didn't get the text or memo I shall no longer be known as "Tay Songz" like it was kinda corny and I felt like I was kinda swagger jackin offa trey...so dats dead...instead I shall now be reffered to as "Tay Styles" simply cuz ....uh I be stylin. LMFAO


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