In Search Of...

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can i take yooh with me?
can yooh come and get me?
where we goin?
we goin to this place called stardom.
if we leave now ..
we can be there by autum
can we leave now?
'fore everybody else try be down.
'fore it's crowded
and somebody catch a beatdown.
'fore my ex girlfriend try to rebound.

Guess yooh can tell by now what im gettin at in this blog rite?
The Search For "Her" Continues.
Laruen Playin games.
lauren ily bby.

Will Yooh Be At My Party Tonite.
Ralph J. Young Rec. Center.
Come Get Me.

Til Then Back Holla.
D. Hampton
i dont never get to see her


Destined For Greatness

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The Hardest OUT!!!
I dare a nigga deny it.

(Wale Voice)
Wale Waddup
Drake Waddup
Cudi Waddup
Asher Waddup
Yeezy Waddup

okay so im up like dumbass wild ass late tryna take this online class so my license wont be suspended. And my ipod str8 bitches me.
str8 shut thee fuck off on me.

Random Fact:
I think about nasty things 45% of the time out of the day.
so what?!?!
sue me.
I had to get that off(get off lmao) bcuz she str8 tried to make a nigga feel bad or perverted or sumthing.
If you dont think about sex at least 2 times out of the day...
A)You are a Nun.
B)You Just Aint Normal

On That Note I am Going To Head to sleep and dream About Hittin Lauren London From The Back.
Dont Like What I just said???
Sue Me.

Holla Front


A Day Of Firsts...

Big Announcement....
I Cut My Hair!
whadever it was overdue
i had fuckin cornrows since the 7th grade my nigga...i had to cut it.
but fuck all that silly shid...I met Raheem Devaughn Today.
Real Down To Earth type dude on the real.
Those of you who know me well know that my mentor and one of my Managers is Dj Lil Mic who is Jazmine Sullivan and Rahhem Devaughn's Tour Dj. So Yea niggas was kickin it in Mic's Crib and Rah Came through.
2 Week's Ago i was kickin it wid DC's Tabi Bonney (Put Me in The Pocket)&& David Corey.
So Yea shids going well for me.
Makin Power Moves My nigga.
All My ppls in Virginia holla at me i will be in town this friday with Dj Lil Mic and the Ladies if MAC in Macy's prior to my Party.

Back Holla
D. Hampton


I'll Alwayz Come Back To You...

The Isley Brothers-Voyage to Atlantis
old as fuck but str8 crack my nigga.
I aint Blogged in a HOT ass second.
First Order of Buisness:
The P.M.E. Party Was off the fuckin meters!!!!!!!!!!!
big ups to everyone who came out.
its was alot of things said at that party...
if you was there you know.
i said what i said simply bcuz a individual(who shall remain nameless) disrespected my manz on some he stole some epquipment type shid but wasnt man enough to even approach him to ask if knew anything. we had to hear through the grape vine. FUCK TYPE SHID IS THAT MY NIGGA?!?!
come on yo keep it funky. Thats My only quarrel. Everybody else i fucks with on the real Reggie waddup,Pbj Waddup,Ty Waddup,Purp Waddup,Sid Waddup.
And to all the little Promoter Kids....its bigger than you...shut the fuck up....you not making no money promoting.
big ups to the O so sexy miss frankie or aubree
whoever she is this week
shame shes wifed.
im done.
gettin on the celluar

Back Holla




I have offcially come to the conclusion that noone reads my blog.
And if they do its on some silent assasin type shid. Its cool though. I don't do this for the masses. Strictly personal enjoyment and stress relief.
Bought the Nike Blazer High Stussy x Neighborhood Boneyards today.
Dumb ass happy if yooh could already tell jus by me spelling out the name of the shoe in its entirety.
Had fun in d.c. Today.
Can't wait to do it again tommorow
Next monday:Cleveland,Ohio

Back holla
T. Styles