A Day Of Firsts...

Big Announcement....
I Cut My Hair!
whadever it was overdue
i had fuckin cornrows since the 7th grade my nigga...i had to cut it.
but fuck all that silly shid...I met Raheem Devaughn Today.
Real Down To Earth type dude on the real.
Those of you who know me well know that my mentor and one of my Managers is Dj Lil Mic who is Jazmine Sullivan and Rahhem Devaughn's Tour Dj. So Yea niggas was kickin it in Mic's Crib and Rah Came through.
2 Week's Ago i was kickin it wid DC's Tabi Bonney (Put Me in The Pocket)&& David Corey.
So Yea shids going well for me.
Makin Power Moves My nigga.
All My ppls in Virginia holla at me i will be in town this friday with Dj Lil Mic and the Ladies if MAC in Macy's prior to my Party.

Back Holla
D. Hampton

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