Destined For Greatness

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The Hardest OUT!!!
I dare a nigga deny it.

(Wale Voice)
Wale Waddup
Drake Waddup
Cudi Waddup
Asher Waddup
Yeezy Waddup

okay so im up like dumbass wild ass late tryna take this online class so my license wont be suspended. And my ipod str8 bitches me.
str8 shut thee fuck off on me.

Random Fact:
I think about nasty things 45% of the time out of the day.
so what?!?!
sue me.
I had to get that off(get off lmao) bcuz she str8 tried to make a nigga feel bad or perverted or sumthing.
If you dont think about sex at least 2 times out of the day...
A)You are a Nun.
B)You Just Aint Normal

On That Note I am Going To Head to sleep and dream About Hittin Lauren London From The Back.
Dont Like What I just said???
Sue Me.

Holla Front

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