See You In My Nightmares....(unmailed letters to you)

I highly doubt your reading this.
but just in case...
i hate what you turned me into.
i am more than man enough to admit my stakes and own up to my faults but you did this to me.
i gave you a inch and you took fucking miles.
you destroyed me.
i thank you.
yes...i thank you.
see when you tricked me into staying here in baltimore instead of going to california to work with chris robinson bcuz you said you were pregant and really wasnt...yea...you didnt end my chances to be where i wanted to be...because im killin em right here....im still travelin...im still meeting CEOs. Joke is On you.
thoughts of you bring out so much uncontrolable anger and emotion.
i lovED you.
and you played for a fucking dummy.
spending my money...using me....while in the meanwhile you was fucking him.
yea i know about all that.
thought i was stupid?
excuse me while i go throw up.

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