Sneaker Pimps Part 2

P.s. the dude in the jacket is phil ade' and he RIPPED IT!

DTLR x Sneaker Pimps x Wale x Clipse

Finally my b**** ass camera decides it wants to connect. So here yall go pics from this years smeaker pimps in DC. Wale Kilt it!!! Clipse =/.



I have the oppertunity to seize greatness. I WILL NOT LOSE. I talked to a representative frome The Art Institute of Phila. I will be making a visit on the 4th of August To Tour The School and Housing development where i (hopefully) will be residing. Its Time to take my career to the next level. I want this soooo bad yall dont understand. I really need your support. How? Just Be there for me.
I Love Yooh(no homo)

"Pray For Me As I Have Prayed For The World"

OMFG To The 100th Degree!!!!

Okay so ima be called all types of dirty nasty triflin whatever....but i HAVE to share this with the world. This Broad Deep Throated ALLLLLLL 18 inches of this dildo. W T F!!!!!! Just Watch.(Ladies Im Sorry)


Amber Rose x Lip Service x SHADE 45

Okay so anybody who knows me knows i am a huge fan of lip service on Shade 45 Radio. Lip Service Is like a no holds barred,raw, uncut radio show where celebrities are invited on and interviewed about some of there most secret and private sexual encounters. Here's My Future Wife, Amber Rose. Enjoy.(p.s. this is prior to her dating kanye. Once again this is BEFORE she dated kanye west)


On Repeat

Wale - Pretty Girls

Live From The Slums Of Soho.

I'm really disappointed that charles hamilton hasn't blogged in months but hey I can't knock the guy..he on his grizzy.But newayz I think this blog will be my shout out session.Hmmmm where do I begin? First Off Big shout outs to Carol-Aubree Over at frankievirgin.blogspot.com for swindlein me in to get back on my blogger ish.Thnx Hun.lol. Shout Outs to K-Money she Got Sol and she doin numbers 18+ lmao. Shout outs to my team Dream Team Dj's,Dj Gee,Dj M-eazy,Dj Tigga,Dj Jae,Dj Don Juan,Dj Lady London,Dj Lil Man,Dj Lil Mic. Big Ups To Streets Jocks & Fly Dj's. Shout outs To Buck Jones,Media Minds,Rome,Devo Da Promoter,Dj 695,DSE,POM,TOE,Tipstar,Nite Life,Zeno Cortez,To Da Lute,Young Teeza,Maxx,AFG,Ron G,Skateland Orchard,Kelson of 92Q, My Manager SB,Frank The Dancing Photographer,Dj Infame,Bowtie Boyz Auto Club,BE-Z Clothing Company,Baltimores Finest Auto Club,Friends With Money, ummmmmm anybody I forgot pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee for give me. Let me know I forgot you and I got you in the next blog. Oh yea...next blog I will recap and post pics from sneaker pimps!!!!! Stay Tuned.
I love Yall!!!(No homo)



"The Blogger From Harlem is A Problem"

I'm Not From Harlem NYC
Harlem Park Baltimore.
Shout to charles hamilton.
So where do I begin???
Had mad fun yesterday with my brovas. Went to this carnival out east bubble fuck maryland. Lmao. Its always good to get outta baltimore though. I have a interview today with Kyle pompey over at SwagLife Magazine.I'm dumb stoopid crazy excited lol. Like 8 years old on xmas eve excited. And I officially Have a personal assistant. Can Yooh Wife Your Personal assistant?lmmfao. real 3rd gradish nd shid. Everytime gee see me on the phone he like "what yooh bloggin yo?" Lmao I'm getting back in the loop he gonna have to fall back. All baltimore residents reading you can catch me hosting at skate works in like 2 weeks for my homegirl Ciaras birthday bash. Everybody come out and show love and support. WOOOOW the cutest little girl just came up to me and started talking. Lol she's like"why don't yooh skate yooh always jus stand there.. Can yooh skate with me?" Lmmfao.My how times have changed. I Would have NEVER been that bold at 6 lmao.
As the world turns...

Gimme five
On the black hand side




Let's see who really reads my blogs...Let's see who uses their resources. Okay So if your my friend on facebook or follow me on twitter you will notice that I say " I'm not a bitter I'm a writter for myself and others" well thatsa because I really am lmmfao.Don't believe me? I have written for several local artists (who shall remain nameless) but umm yea. I kinda do it all.=) lmao But in all honesty I been written for about 3 months now.I don't write your typical Trap shid like everyone raps now and days.I Just Write what's on my mind and what's real...shid that ppl can relate to...dig me??? Lol So by now I know yooh thinkin "well if yooh write den I wanna see something." Lmao hmmmmmmmmmmm should I bless yall??? Okay here yooh go(and if I see or hear my shid on myspace wid out my permission ima air yo ass OUT!)

" She stressin out and I jus wanna be her advil...its hurtin seein her down,I gotta play the situation mad chill...like a nigga aint heart sick feelin mad ill
Long nites got me thinkin for hours hurricane mind I brainstorm showers"

(I Laugh to substitute for my embarressment and selfconsciousness)

I might go a lil harder on the next blog...or not.

Back Holla

Teddy Roosevelt
(My alter ego blessed by her lmao)


Its Been a Long Time...

Ishouldnt have left yooh...
Without a dope blog to vibe to.
I'm spazzin.
Whaddup Blogger Nation???
I Been on my best bullshid lately(baltimore heads know what I'm talkin about) which is why I aint really been bloggin like that. Which is why I express my deepest apologizies.I have a lot of good shid to tell yall...but ima save that for later entries :) hahahahah
Stay Tuned

"Okay I'm back up on my grind...you just do you and goin do mine."