"The Blogger From Harlem is A Problem"

I'm Not From Harlem NYC
Harlem Park Baltimore.
Shout to charles hamilton.
So where do I begin???
Had mad fun yesterday with my brovas. Went to this carnival out east bubble fuck maryland. Lmao. Its always good to get outta baltimore though. I have a interview today with Kyle pompey over at SwagLife Magazine.I'm dumb stoopid crazy excited lol. Like 8 years old on xmas eve excited. And I officially Have a personal assistant. Can Yooh Wife Your Personal assistant?lmmfao. real 3rd gradish nd shid. Everytime gee see me on the phone he like "what yooh bloggin yo?" Lmao I'm getting back in the loop he gonna have to fall back. All baltimore residents reading you can catch me hosting at skate works in like 2 weeks for my homegirl Ciaras birthday bash. Everybody come out and show love and support. WOOOOW the cutest little girl just came up to me and started talking. Lol she's like"why don't yooh skate yooh always jus stand there.. Can yooh skate with me?" Lmmfao.My how times have changed. I Would have NEVER been that bold at 6 lmao.
As the world turns...

Gimme five
On the black hand side


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