Let's see who really reads my blogs...Let's see who uses their resources. Okay So if your my friend on facebook or follow me on twitter you will notice that I say " I'm not a bitter I'm a writter for myself and others" well thatsa because I really am lmmfao.Don't believe me? I have written for several local artists (who shall remain nameless) but umm yea. I kinda do it all.=) lmao But in all honesty I been written for about 3 months now.I don't write your typical Trap shid like everyone raps now and days.I Just Write what's on my mind and what's real...shid that ppl can relate to...dig me??? Lol So by now I know yooh thinkin "well if yooh write den I wanna see something." Lmao hmmmmmmmmmmm should I bless yall??? Okay here yooh go(and if I see or hear my shid on myspace wid out my permission ima air yo ass OUT!)

" She stressin out and I jus wanna be her advil...its hurtin seein her down,I gotta play the situation mad chill...like a nigga aint heart sick feelin mad ill
Long nites got me thinkin for hours hurricane mind I brainstorm showers"

(I Laugh to substitute for my embarressment and selfconsciousness)

I might go a lil harder on the next blog...or not.

Back Holla

Teddy Roosevelt
(My alter ego blessed by her lmao)

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