Live From The Slums Of Soho.

I'm really disappointed that charles hamilton hasn't blogged in months but hey I can't knock the guy..he on his grizzy.But newayz I think this blog will be my shout out session.Hmmmm where do I begin? First Off Big shout outs to Carol-Aubree Over at frankievirgin.blogspot.com for swindlein me in to get back on my blogger ish.Thnx Hun.lol. Shout Outs to K-Money she Got Sol and she doin numbers 18+ lmao. Shout outs to my team Dream Team Dj's,Dj Gee,Dj M-eazy,Dj Tigga,Dj Jae,Dj Don Juan,Dj Lady London,Dj Lil Man,Dj Lil Mic. Big Ups To Streets Jocks & Fly Dj's. Shout outs To Buck Jones,Media Minds,Rome,Devo Da Promoter,Dj 695,DSE,POM,TOE,Tipstar,Nite Life,Zeno Cortez,To Da Lute,Young Teeza,Maxx,AFG,Ron G,Skateland Orchard,Kelson of 92Q, My Manager SB,Frank The Dancing Photographer,Dj Infame,Bowtie Boyz Auto Club,BE-Z Clothing Company,Baltimores Finest Auto Club,Friends With Money, ummmmmm anybody I forgot pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee for give me. Let me know I forgot you and I got you in the next blog. Oh yea...next blog I will recap and post pics from sneaker pimps!!!!! Stay Tuned.
I love Yall!!!(No homo)


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