So Me And My Father Have A daily conversation about wealthy people. I tell him all the time about how much money these rappers and hip hop artists have and he quickly shuts me up with how wealthy these doctors,lawyers, and kings from over seas are. This By Far Takes The Cake.
What You See Below You Is WHITE GOLD...I REPEAT WHITE GOLD Benz that a Shiek in Saudia Arabia Owns.
So To all Yooh Niggas "Gettin Money" STEP YOUR GAME UP!
Price Tag:$50 Million

Fw: BENZ BUILT IN WHITE GOLD Pictures, Images and Photos



after he shut him up he soluted him.
Viva Venezuela

the future.

the future of this rap shid.
know that.


best vid ever.

Drizzy Kills It.


Last Name:Ever First Name: Greatest

i been waitin on this shid!!!!
(sorry im excited)



but trash.

only god can judge me.

no i am not a muslim
but i am a student of allah.
lets see how many followers i lose.
everyone is so quick to judge yet reluctant to ask.
Allah Means "God" in Arabic.
meaning i pray to the same god as you.
god is god no matter what language you speak.
i am the same as you(to a certain degree)
i would never force my believes on to anyone. as i learned the first day i attended mosque "if you dont believe what is being told to you get up and go find the answer yourself...god will never hold you at fault for wanting to learn about him."
my future companion will practice what she believes is fit for her to practice(christianity,buddism,judism what ever floats her boat) and i as a man of god will love her the same.
With that said will you change or love me the same?
only time will tell.
"Pray for me my brother as i have prayed for the world."
The Super Mosque At Mecca.
When I Make It Here My Journey Will Be Complete.
Praise Be To Allah.

Yuuup x Lip Service

"im the motherfuckin man!"



they say its good for yooh.
i got a spoonful.
but i want the whole jar.
applesauce Pictures, Images and Photos

everyday a star is born.

"clap for him"



it can NEVER be bought.
it takes a penis to be a Dad.
It takes a Man to be a Father.
Thank You For Teaching me The Basics.
I Love You Lloyd.
"Fourever Fourty Four"
(Me #44 Senior Year Defensive Captain and 2006 Defensive MVP =).)

Diddy x Dirty Money x Angels

i really fell in love with this song.
and the video enhances it.
"We Ignored The Angels Call...They Were Warnings After All..."



did i mention how much i love my Team?
In Case I havent told you or your just dead on the baltimore nitelife scene...I Am The CEO/Founder of Dream Team Dj's which was Founded back in early 2008. We have been very successful in the past year and a half and i would like to take this time out to thank my team for all there hard work and patience. BIG BIG BIG shout out to Dj Pierre for winning Baltimores Best Club Dj. I dont talk much about Dj Gee bcuz what he's doin what i already expected from him but def. shout out to my right hand man Dj gee for all of his great accomplishments. You Deserve it mah nig. Shout out to Dj M-eazy who is right on Dj Gee Heels lol. My Nigga Came a long way and can compete with damn near any dj in baltimore. Shout out to my young boy Dj Lil Matic who also came a very long way from a producer to actual dj. he just turned 18 btw. Big Ups to Dj Tigga & Dj Lil Man(some of the first members) out there on they grind. also Dj Jae Holdin down the whole anne arundel county and he's still in high school! Last But Not least shout out to my most loyal dj...Dj Lady London. She Has come the longest way of them all! i have never seen a female so passionate about what they do. she will slap the shit outta anybody who speaks bad about dream team lol. *cough*she needs to get her confidence together *cough* lol but all in all she will be fine in the long run. Love you yazz!!! this ones for you since you say we never include ya punk ass in nuffin lol. STAY FOCUSED TEAM!

throwback of the month.

Me in like '96?
(via myspace.com/countyallstar)

im sorry but i found someone esle.

dont get me wrong...i love you but...
i found someone new.
we killed the spring and summer.
remeber i bought you them new shoes and i took you downtown and all them girls was on em? lmao.
yea we was the shid.
but we gotta go our seperate ways.
im sorry.
I Love You.


skinny jeans.

This is a touchy subject with me.
bcuz my jeans arent OD like the New Boyz BUT my jeans are considered "skinny jeans". i hate when niggas say..."skinny jeans is for homos". Like wtf? you cant wear Samos sets forever dude!(all my baltimore readers waddup lol) but yea. So watch what you say cuz i might swing on your ass lol.
(btw i was at work on my day off in this pic Smh...i work 2 much)


Hop in and go.

I dont know where im headed but i know where i been.
now all i need is someone to fill this void in the passenger seat...
could it be yooh =)

Stepped His Game Up Award

Goes To: Soulja Boy
This Dude really has stepped his bars up! like him or not the kid be rocking.
Latest Mixtape: My Way of Life
SOULJA BOY Pictures, Images and Photos


Flyer Than The Rest of Them....

I wonder if i can get away with wearin these this winter?
we'll see....
stay tuned.


My Place of Peace.

This is the time when all my problems go away.
When nothing else matters but me.
I Fckn love it.
sunset Pictures, Images and Photos



My Heart Goes Out To All The Families who lost someone on this day.
TOWERS Pictures, Images and Photos

Call Me What You Want.

I been Getting Alot of *cough* HATE *cough* because i wear coach shoes and accessories. All Im going to say is call me what you want. The only reason yall think its gay is bcuz you cant afford it.


The Hottest Chick in The Game.

Let It Be Known...
She is Thee BADDEST!
Enuff Said.

Just A Dream or Are You Tryna Tell Me something?

I climb in the bed and close my eyes after a long day of work.She climbs in w/ me but i dont hear her get in.I turn around to look at her but cant see her facial features... jus the shadow of her. she rubs my back and ask me how my day was. i whisper to this familar stanger as if ive known her all my life. she kisses me goodnite and hugs me throughout my sleep but when i wake up she is gone. I Cant Wait til she gets home....whoever she is....



"...Im That Close."

Okay so today my pops wakes me up and tells me we meeting with one of his friends in DC at the BET Studios. I was Stoked! So I met the lady and we talked for a min. and she seemed really cool.She told me when I get to the school to give her a call and she was gonna get me a intership at BET! LIKE WTF?!(Please excuse me I'm just really amped right now) lol. But all in all today was a awesome day and I just had to blog about it. P.S. I Heard Jay-Z's BP3 was wack????? Wth???? Ill be the judge of that....



Jermaine Dupri's SoSo Dope Tribute to MJ.

This Is Hands Down the best tribute to MJ.
And This Nigga really can mix!
that flatout suprised me.
Shoutout to all the Dj's Worldwide.
Big Big Ups to:
Dream Team Dj's(My Company =))
Fly Dj's
Street Jocks
and everybody else doing there thing.