did i mention how much i love my Team?
In Case I havent told you or your just dead on the baltimore nitelife scene...I Am The CEO/Founder of Dream Team Dj's which was Founded back in early 2008. We have been very successful in the past year and a half and i would like to take this time out to thank my team for all there hard work and patience. BIG BIG BIG shout out to Dj Pierre for winning Baltimores Best Club Dj. I dont talk much about Dj Gee bcuz what he's doin what i already expected from him but def. shout out to my right hand man Dj gee for all of his great accomplishments. You Deserve it mah nig. Shout out to Dj M-eazy who is right on Dj Gee Heels lol. My Nigga Came a long way and can compete with damn near any dj in baltimore. Shout out to my young boy Dj Lil Matic who also came a very long way from a producer to actual dj. he just turned 18 btw. Big Ups to Dj Tigga & Dj Lil Man(some of the first members) out there on they grind. also Dj Jae Holdin down the whole anne arundel county and he's still in high school! Last But Not least shout out to my most loyal dj...Dj Lady London. She Has come the longest way of them all! i have never seen a female so passionate about what they do. she will slap the shit outta anybody who speaks bad about dream team lol. *cough*she needs to get her confidence together *cough* lol but all in all she will be fine in the long run. Love you yazz!!! this ones for you since you say we never include ya punk ass in nuffin lol. STAY FOCUSED TEAM!

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