only god can judge me.

no i am not a muslim
but i am a student of allah.
lets see how many followers i lose.
everyone is so quick to judge yet reluctant to ask.
Allah Means "God" in Arabic.
meaning i pray to the same god as you.
god is god no matter what language you speak.
i am the same as you(to a certain degree)
i would never force my believes on to anyone. as i learned the first day i attended mosque "if you dont believe what is being told to you get up and go find the answer yourself...god will never hold you at fault for wanting to learn about him."
my future companion will practice what she believes is fit for her to practice(christianity,buddism,judism what ever floats her boat) and i as a man of god will love her the same.
With that said will you change or love me the same?
only time will tell.
"Pray for me my brother as i have prayed for the world."
The Super Mosque At Mecca.
When I Make It Here My Journey Will Be Complete.
Praise Be To Allah.

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