Few Updates.

First Off let me apologize to everyone(anyone) who reads or follows for not posting in a while. I have been going through a lot(not negatively) and its just been consuming a lot of my time.also I broke my laptop for a second time so ill be blogging via Blackberry. N E ways. I FINALLY MOVED!!!! Aaaaahhhhh I'm official a philadelphian lol. North Philly WADDUP! I Stay on Broad and Venango(wink wink) lol but dead ass I live in the hood and its cool...ill never get bored lol. I do miss home though but as my apple say ill be just fine. She's so amazing but I'm not gonna go into detail about her cuz I know she's reading this HA! =P.I Really want to thank all my family,friends and supporters for there love and support! I Love Yall, Especially You.

Donte' J. Hampton
The AiPH
Lol ^_^

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