man up.

I Love you more than myself.
I love you more life its self.
&& ima make sure you have everything.
Ima make sure you have everything I didn't growing up.
Ill never let you go.
&& ima treat everyday like your birthday.
&& ima be with you everyday.
Even when you get older, I will never leave your side.
&& ima teach you how to play Football, Basketball & Lacrosse.
Ima teach you how to be your own person.
Ima show you where I grew up.
Ima show you what school I went to.
&& we gonna take road trips...just me & you.
&& we gonna fall asleep underneath the stars.
&& your aunts & uncle are gonna love you just as much as I do.
&& grandma & pop pop are gonna give you the universe.
Your gonna be so smart.
&& we gonna disagree.
Somenights your gonna hate me.
I'm gonna yell and fuss.
&& ima feel bad and take you to get ice cream.
Ima teach you how to fight.
&& your friends are gonna envy our friendship.
Ima teach you how to drive.
&& ima teach you how to be man.
Ima show you how to do the right thing and take responsibility.
Ima show you how to treat a woman.
&& ima show you how to be sucessful.
&& Ima Be a Father.

I Love you son.
And when I decied to have you one day...Ima do everything on this list.


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